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Development Trend Analysis Of China Machine Fi Assembly Fixtures

Sep 29, 2017

Assembly Fixtures is an indispensable part of machining. Assembly Fixtures technology is moving towards high-speed, high-efficiency, high-speed, efficient, modular, modular, development of.
1, high precision With the improvement of machining accuracy, in order to reduce the positioning error, improve the machining accuracy of the assembly Fixtures manufacturing requirements of higher precision Accuracy Assembly Fixtures positioning accuracy of up to ± 5μm, Assembly Fixtures bearing surface verticality 0.01mm / 300mm, parallelism up to 0.01mm / 500mm. Germany's demmeler 4m long, 2m wide hole series combination welding Assembly Fixtures platform, the contour error of ± 0.03mm; precision flat clamp parallelism and verticality within 5μm; Assembly Fixtures repeat installation Of the positioning accuracy of up to ± 5μm; Switzerland EROWA flexible Assembly Fixtures repeat positioning accuracy of up to 2 ~ 5μm. The precision of the Assembly Fixtures has been raised to micron level, and the world-renowned Assembly Fixtures manufacturing company is a precision machinery manufacturer. In order to adapt to the needs of different industries and economy Second, efficient In order to improve the efficiency of machine tools, double-sided, four-sided and multi-folder assembly Fixtures products more and more. In order to reduce the installation time of the workpiece, a variety of automatic centering clamping, precision flat nose clamp, lever clamping, cam clamping, pneumatic and hydraulic clamping, fast clamping functional components continue to introduce new. The new assembly fixtures, tightening and loosening the workpiece only 1 to 2 seconds, Assembly Fixtures structure is simplified, for the machine for multi-station, multi-faceted and multi-piece processing to create the conditions. In order to shorten the time to install and adjust the assembly Fixtures on the machine, the Swedish 3RAssembly Fixtures takes only 1 minute to complete the installation and calibration of the Wired Wiring Machine Assembly Fixtures. With the United States Jenkins company's ball lock system, within 1 minute will be able to fi Fi fixtures positioning and locking in the machine table, the ball lock system for flexible production line replacement Assembly Fixtures, to shorten the downtime , To improve the efficiency of production.
Module, Assembly Assembly Fixtures Component Modularity is the basis for achieving composition. The modular assembly, standardized assembly Fixtures components, and quick assembly into various Assembly Fixtures, have become the starting point for the development of Assembly Fixtures technology. Saving labor, saving time, energy saving, embodied in a variety of advanced Assembly Fixtures system innovation. The modular design is the foundation for computer-aided design and assembly of Assembly Fixtures, which can be used to build assembly libraries, typical assembly Fixtures libraries, Simulation tool cutting process, both for the user to provide the correct and reasonable Assembly Fixtures and components supporting programs, but also accumulated experience, understand the market demand, constantly improve and improve the Assembly Fixtures system. The Assembly Fixtures Branch, in collaboration with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is working on the creation of the Assembly Fixtures professional and technical website, providing information exchange for the Assembly Fixtures industry, Assembly Fixtures, a common platform for product consulting and development, and versatile, remote information for Assembly Fixtures design and services And the business of e - commerce.
Fourth, universal, economic Assembly Fixtures the versatility of direct impact on its economy. With assembly and assembly of the Assembly Fixtures system, one-time investment is relatively large, only Assembly Fixtures system can be reorganizable, reconfigurable and scalable features, wide range of applications, versatility, Assembly Fixtures high utilization, To recover the investment fast, in order to reflect the economy is good. Made in Germany, the company's portfolio of assembly fixtures, only varieties, very few matching components that can be assembled into a variety of welding Assembly Fixtures. Components of the function of strong, making Assembly Fixtures good versatility, components, small and fine, supporting the low cost, economical and practical to promote the application of the value.