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Development Of Rapid Prototyping Technology

Jan 09, 2017

Judging from the present status of research and application of RP technology, further research and development of rapid prototyping technology to work mainly in the following areas:

(1) develop performance rapid prototyping materials, such as low cost, ease of forming, small deformation, high strength, durable and non-polluting materials.

(2) improve the processing speed of the RP system and open up concurrent manufacturing processes.

(3) improve the reliability of rapid prototyping system, increase their productivity and produce large capacity, optimize the structure of equipment, especially the forming of precision and surface quality, mechanical and physical properties, and provide a basis for further processing and function.

(4) development of rapid prototyping high performance RPM software. Improve the speed and accuracy of data processing, research and development of CAD data directly to the method of slices, reduced by the STL format conversion and the slicing process produced a loss of precision.

(5) development of new form of energy.

(6) methods of rapid prototyping and process improvement and innovation. Direct metal forming technology will become the future research and applications-a hot spot.

(7) rapid prototyping technology, CAD, CAE, RT, CAPP, CAM and high accuracy automatic measurement and reverse engineering of integrated research.

(8) study on improvement of network services, and remote control.