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Development Of Inspection Technology - Flexible Inspection Tool

May 19, 2017

          As the diversity of automobile products, modern automobile manufacturing gradually adopt more varieties of mixed production mode. In comparison, the traditional special inspection tool is not high versatility, with low efficiency, so the detection technology can not adapt to modern production mode. With the development of automated production lines of automobile production, in order to meet the production and quality requirements of the products, the development of inspection technology in the direction of flexibility, intelligence, serialization and standardization has become the mainstream trend in this field, to promote the development of automobile manufacturing industry.

  (1)Lightweight, minimized, multi-vehicle generic and resource reusable.

  (2)Flexible trend


  With the "zero defect" theory in the automotive industry in the promotion, 100% test of the parts has become a necessary requirement, accompanied by the requirements of the automotive flexible production, special inspection is more and more difficult to meet the requirements. Sensor technology and software processing technology development,  also provide more choices for the development of special gage. Flexible gauges naturally become the choice of many automobile manufacturers.

  In general, as long as the parts adjustable, and reused the size of the detection tool, all can be called flexible checker. the adjustable amount on special checker is relatively small, but its base, positioning system can be adjusted and reused.

  (3)Digital trend

  At present, in the domestic market gradually, it appeared on the need for digital inspection, the first encounter in the project, is the so-called EDC (Electrical Data Collector). It is by adding a fixed electronic sensor on fixture to achieve. The coordinates of the seat position and direction are pre-designed, and then through the electronic sensor to collect the location of the data.

  Another type of digital detection method is through the digital dial indicator or plug directly to measure.

The purpose of the digital fixture is to eliminate or reduce the error of the human reading; provide the basic data of the R & R report (repeated reproducibility measurement must be repeated at the same point to make sense); improve the measurement efficiency, reduce labor intensity; The software provides basic data that can be used to guide the adjustment of molds or fixtures through software analysis.

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