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Developing High - End CNC Prototyping To Promote Transformation And Transformation Of Machine Tool Industry

Aug 04, 2017

Developing High - end CNC Prototyping to Promote Transformation and Transformation of Machine Tool Industry
Machine tool manufacturing is a country's basic equipment industry. CNC prototyping technology is today's advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, the core technology, the world made extensive use of CNC prototyping technology to improve manufacturing capacity and level, improve the dynamic and adaptable market dynamics and competitiveness. Therefore, China should vigorously develop the industry, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, improve the technical level, and international technical standards.
To speed up the development of CNC prototyping technology industry, the state promulgated a series of policies, including the State Council approved the implementation of the "equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan" and "high-end CNC Prototyping machine tool and basic manufacturing equipment" national science and technology major project, The technology industry has created a good external environment. "Equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan" clearly put forward: "adhere to the autonomy of equipment and key construction projects, adhere to the independent development and the introduction of digestion and absorption combined, adhere to the development of the whole machine and improve the basic level of basic combination of basic principles, Upgrade and other basic parts of the market share, is the implementation of the important elements of equipment autonomy. National science and technology major project "high-end CNC Prototyping machine tool and basic manufacturing equipment" also proposed that by 2020, domestic high-end CNC Prototyping machine tool market share to achieve a greater degree of improvement.
According to the National Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Guobao, deputy director of the introduction of the next few years, China's CNC Prototyping machine tool market demand will continue to grow at an average annual rate of 10-15%, the market has great potential. The demand for CNC prototyping machines continues to drive the demand for NC prototypes. The development of numerical control prototype machine is inseparable from the development of numerical control prototype. With the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, China's existing general machine tools also need to upgrade, therefore, CNC Prototyping industry market space is broad, with the potential for further development.
NC prototype, that is, the number, which uses digital, text and symbols composed of digital instructions to achieve one or more mechanical equipment action control. At present, China's CNC Prototyping has made great development, the basic occupation of the low-end CNC Prototyping market, in the high-end CNC Prototyping research and development and application has also made some achievements. At the same time, the domestic digital AC servo drive system products have also been a great development, has been able to meet the general application.
Although the development of CNC Prototyping in China has made great progress, but the development of CNC Prototyping in China is far from the developed countries. China's high-end CNC Prototyping machine supporting more than 90% of the NC prototype are foreign products, especially high-end equipment manufacturing industry in urgent need of high-end CNC Prototyping machine. As China's CNC Prototyping hardware and software research and development of the foundation is poor, and foreign CNC Prototyping of the key technology is still China's blockade restrictions, thus restricting the development of China's high-end CNC Prototyping machine tools.
The development of CNC Prototyping machine tool industry is the premise of the development of high-end CNC Prototyping, high-end CNC Prototyping is to determine the machine equipment performance, function, reliability and cost of the key factors. Therefore, China should increase the intensity of CNC Prototyping research and development, training professional NC prototype talent, enhance the strength of R & D team to promote China's CNC Prototyping, especially the development of high-end CNC Prototyping, and enhance the strength of China's advanced manufacturing industry in the world's manufacturing industry front end.