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Correctly Maintain The Method Of Checking Fixtures

Sep 15, 2017

Correctly maintain the method of Checking Fixtures
Checking Fixtures is an important part of machine tools and other equipment, usually pay more attention to maintenance and maintenance, especially when using the special environment or special packaging products to increase the frequency of maintenance. The following details on how to properly maintain Checking Fixtures, so that you can increase the life of the equipment, improve work efficiency.
1, the use of work must be completed after the use of tools such as guns on the Checking Fixtures on the body and the chute surface cleaning, so you can ensure that the lattice Checking Fixtures after a long period of time still have good accuracy, so the regular lubrication of Checking Fixtures work is very important.
2, at least once a day molybdenum disulfide grease (black in color), the oil into the Checking Fixtures nozzle until the grease overflow jaw or checking Fixtures hole (hole protective sleeve and connecting nut).
3, in order to prevent the internal rust of Checking Fixtures, increased holding force, can not clamp the workpiece, it is best to use the rust-proof cutting oil, the use of cutting oil can prevent the internal rust of Checking Fixtures.
4, the completion of the operation must be a wind gun or similar tools to clean Checking Fixtures on the body and slide surface.
5, Checking Fixtures at least every 6 months to remove the cleaning, keep the jaws sliding surface clean and lubricate, so that Checking Fixtures life expectancy.
6, check the parts of the rupture and wear parts of the situation, cast iron at least once every 2 months to thoroughly clean, in case of serious damage to parts should immediately replace the new product.
7, for different parts must use a different clamping method, if it is used to clip irregular parts will cause damage to the Checking Fixtures.
8, when Checking Fixtures pressure is not normal to make Checking Fixtures at high pressure will be the workpiece clamping, which will reduce the life of Checking Fixtures
In the process of processing, pneumatic Checking Fixtures, hydraulic Checking Fixtures often occur in dimensional instability, if these failures are taken in advance the correct measures, generally they can be prevented, may be insufficient pressure and tracheal rupture in a timely manner to take measures, Even if the pneumatic Checking Fixtures, the hydraulic Checking Fixtures is properly installed and lubricated well during its rotation, and if the lathe is subjected to a great load of machining, the load is intermittent if the load is stopped from the exterior angle of the lathe, The spindle of the lathe is fatigue and life is achieved. The phenomenon is that this phenomenon we call fatigue off. At the same time, we have the fatigue flaking is defined as the life of the lathe spindle, in summary, the damage to the lathe spindle can be classified and classified as follows.
Fatigue flaking = life, wear, vibration increases, friction torque increases, bite stick, produce indentation, rust, corrosion, which is called fault
     Therefore, the accuracy of Pneumatic Checking Fixtures, the accuracy and life of the hydraulic Checking Fixtures, the accuracy of Checking Fixtures is also derived from the spindle of the lathe, and the life can be calculated quantitatively. This is the time to discuss the durability and precision of Checking Fixtures Often used, welcome new and old customers to visit the guidance.
    The Checking Fixtures Industry Trends Research Report is based on a survey of the factors affecting the operation of the market in the Checking Fixtures industry, leveraging the rules of the market for Checking Fixtures industry, and the future development trend of the Checking Fixtures industry, market capacity, competitive trends, Breakdown of downstream market demand trends and other forecasts.
        Checking Fixtures Industry Trends Research Key analysis points include:
        1) Analysis of the development trend of the industry. Through the analysis of the influencing factors of the development of Checking Fixtures industry, the paper summarizes the characteristics of the overall operation trend of the future Checking Fixtures industry.
        2) Predict the development and trend of production in Checking Fixtures industry. The prediction of production development and its changing trend is a prediction of the supply of goods and its trends in the market.
        3) Forecasting Fixtures industry market capacity and changes. Based on the analysis of the production technology and product structure of the Checking Fixtures industry during the forecast period, the demand structure, quantity and trend of the Checking Fixtures industry are forecasted. 4) to predict changes in the market price of Checking Fixtures industry. The price of the inputs and the sales price of the products are directly related to the profitability of the enterprises. In the forecast of commodity prices, we should fully study the labor productivity, production costs, changes in profits, market supply and demand trends, monetary value and changes in currency flows and the impact of national economic policies on commodity prices.