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Correctly Maintain The Method Of Assembly Fixtures

Jun 27, 2017

Correctly maintain the method of Assembly Fixtures
 Assembly fixture is an important part of the machine and other equipment, usually pay more attention to maintenance and maintenance, especially when using the special environment or special packaging products to increase the frequency of maintenance. Here I am with you to explain in detail how to properly maintain the assembly fixture, so that you can increase the service life of equipment to improve work efficiency.
1, the use of work must be completed after the use of tools such as air guns on the assembly fixture body and slide surface cleaning, which can ensure that the lathe assembly fixture for a long time after use still has a good accuracy, so the regular operation of the fixture is very important.
2, at least once a day to play a molybdenum disulfide grease (color is black), the oil into the assembly jig nozzle until the grease overflow jaw surface or assembly fixture hole (hole protection sleeve and connecting nut).
3, in order to prevent the internal assembly of the fixture rust, increased holding force, can not clamp the workpiece, it is best to use rust-proof cutting oil, the use of cutting oil can prevent the assembly of internal rust inside the fixture.
4, the completion of the operation must be a wind gun or similar tools to clean the assembly fixture body and chute surface.
5, the assembly fixture at least every 6 months to remove the cleaning, keep the jaws sliding surface clean and give lubrication, so that the assembly fixture life expectancy.
6, check the parts of the rupture and wear and tear of the situation, cast iron at least once every 2 months to thoroughly clean, in case of serious damage to parts should immediately replace the new product.
7, for different parts must use a different clamping method, if it is used to clip irregular parts will cause damage to the assembly fixture.
8, when the assembly fixture pressure is not normal when the assembly fixture under high pressure will be the workpiece clamping, which will reduce the life of the fixture
Fixture includes two types: one is used to place and clamp the workpiece, such as the machine tool assembly and mandrel, etc .; the other is used to place and clamp the tool, such as drilling, milling folder Head, taps chuck and so on.
According to different classification methods, the fixture can be divided into several different types: Usually, the habit of the fixture according to its generalization degree is divided into general fixture, special fixture, assembled fixture three categories.
Special fixture is the main research object of machine tool fixture course, which can be divided into two types: adjustable structure and non-adjustable structure. Structure adjustable special fixture commonly used in different specifications of similar products (local size changes) production, for the workpiece size of the local changes in the size of the fixture as long as a simple adjustment (or adjust the location of an element, or adjust, replace a component) , Can be applied to the installation of the workpiece.
Tips: According to the fixture for the different machine tool and its content can be divided into the fixture is fixture fixture, milling machine fixture, lathe fixture, grinder fixture, boring machine fixture, gear machine tool fixture, electric machine tool fixture, CNC machine tool fixture. In addition, the fixture can also be classified according to the different clamping power source.