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Conception Car Model

Sep 18, 2017

        Concept car, as the latest car scientific and technological achievements In the forefront of the times. It’s not necessarry to put into operation listed, mainly for vehicle development research and testing, showing the new and unique design concept, with high artistic appreciation value and consumption.

  The concept car is a car from the idea and beyond reality, carrying designers' vision for car development in the future, and the emotional dreams of many car enthusiasts. In the world's major auto show, the concept car can be Shinefully on behalf of the major brand-name car company's image and technical strength. Usually the concept car is divided into two kinds, one is able to run the real car, and likely to put into production products; the other is the designing concept model, because of the environment, scientific research, cost and other reasons, only as the concept model to guide future.

concept car model show

  Different countries at different times endued the concept car different innovative ideas, contains a foreign customs culture. Such as the luxury of Italy, France, the intellectual connotation, bold and open in the United States, Japan's extreme rigorous. The Concept car design style, can not be subject to the conditions of production or process technology feasibility constraints, by the car designer according to the original intention of art design, giving full play to endless imagination and creativity, dancing, bursting out the idea to create concept car with strange dazzling appearance, as well a wide range of functional characteristics.

Beijing Kingco model plant for concept car

Beijing Kingco machined concept car prototype model

  Car, as an important means of transport in modern society, same with other industrial products, is getting higher and higher in the popularity of human life. A variety of concept car involved in the technical process, with the increasingly mature science and technology, will eventually gradually realized. Beijing Kingco can provide customers with new products designed and developed supporting the prototype model and car seized with the production industry services, from the car grille, lights, dashboard and other parts of the production of hand plate to the vehicle model, concept car model, checking fixtures for auto parts and assembly fixtures. Kingco model production team, in accordance with customer drawings, accurate processing of products, strict control of the production details, has ensured that the surface finish and appearance effects, as well as the overall assembly accuracy.