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Chinese Industrial 3D Printing Models Were Up 50.4 Per Cent Year On Year

Jul 05, 2017

Chinese industrial 3D Printing Models were up 50.4 per cent year on year

In the past two years, 3 d print model of China's industry in the national policy dividend, industrial transformation and upgrading demand release, demographic dividend, the opportunity of market demand growth phase superposition, industrial model of 3 d printing market has been steady and rapid growth.

As the demographic dividend gradually disappear and industrial transformation and upgrading, and the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, the ongoing "substitution" to the machine, the model of 3 d printing industry in China has brought the unprecedented huge opportunities. According to data released by the national bureau of statistics, the output of China's industrial 3D Printing Models was 10057 (Taiwan/set) in May, and in the first five months of this year, the output of China's industrial 3D Printing Models increased 50.4% year-on-year.

China's 3D Printing Models industry challenges co-exist

The international union of 3 d printing model (IFR) estimates, China during 2016-2019 industrial sales model of 3 d printing will be present at the rate of average annual increase of 20% growth, share of global sales proportion will rise to 2019 4 into.

And according to the ministry, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance three ministries jointly issued by the model of "3 d printing industry development plan (2016-2020)" : in 2020, our country industrial production capacity of 100000 units, 3 d print model of six axis and above 3 d print model reaches more than 50000 units. The industrial 3D Printing Models has an average of 80,000 hours of trouble-free time.

China 3 d print model of industry association deputy secretary-general yao ye said, at present there are two potential larger areas, one is the bohai sea region, liaoning province, tangshan and other places of industrial model of 3 d printing has developed rapidly; The other is the inland area represented by chongqing.

As an indispensable equipment and means of advanced manufacturing, the application and popularization of industrial 3D Printing Models are the ideal choice for enterprises. China's industrial 3D Printing Models will boost the scale of the global market and will lead the development of the world industrial 3D Printing Models by breaking the bottleneck of key technologies for some time to come.

It is still important to note that first, the domestic 3D Printing Models equipment application mainly focuses on the general industrial areas such as transportation, stacking, and up and down materials. The ability to innovate and occupy these markets is an issue that needs to be considered at the moment. Second, domestic 3D Printing Models enterprises have high degree of external dependence on key components and other core technologies, and their ability of independent innovation is not strong, which also restricts the development of smart manufacturing in China.

Japan's good posture continues

As a major competitor in China, the production of the 3D printed model of the industrial (industrial) industry in Japan increased by 13.5% to 174,606 in 2016, the third consecutive year of growth and a record high. Shipments increased 12.9 percent to 17,5608 units, a record high.

In terms of the amount, the Japanese industrial 3D Printing Models increased 3.3 percent to 7033.87 billion yen in 2016, the third consecutive year of growth, and the first time in nine years the y700bn mark has been breached. Although the effect of the yen appreciation only stay in increasing extent, but economic expansion in the United States, manufacturing regression and high automation investment trends, China in 2017, Japan's production target of 750 billion yen, will reach the highest level in 11 years. The Japanese industry's good momentum is expected to continue.

Domestically, in addition to the strong performance of the auto industry, display panels and semiconductor 3D Printing Models are also recovering. In addition, tax preferential policies have also pushed up the overall shipment. Overseas, the us business is doing well, and the business of China and Europe is recovering.

The global market value is 3.38 billion

Equipment investment is expanding globally. In emerging market countries with more labor-intensive industries, the demand for 3D Printing Models is increasing because of the shortage of people. Japan's 3D Printing Models industry association believes the trend will continue in 2017, with output going to record highs.