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Check The Status And Direction Of The Checking Fixtures

Jun 27, 2017

Check the status and direction of the Checking Fixtures
The Checking Fixtures first appeared in the late 18th century. With the continuous progress of science and technology, Checking Fixtures has been developed from a kind of auxiliary tools into a wide range of process equipment.
    1. Check the status of the Checking Fixtures
    International Association for the production of statistics show that the current small and medium-sized varieties of multi-species production of the workpiece category has accounted for about 85% of the total number of parts. Modern production requirements of enterprises manufactured by the product varieties are often upgrading to meet the needs of the market and competition. However, the general enterprises are still accustomed to a large number of traditional special Checking Fixturess, generally in the medium production capacity of the factory, about thousands or even nearly 10,000 sets of special Checking Fixtures; the other hand, in the multi-species production enterprises, every 3 to 4 years to update about 50 to 80% of the special Checking Fixtures, and the actual wear of the Checking Fixtures is only about 10 to 20%. Especially in recent years, CNC machine tools, machining centers, group technology, flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and other new processing technology, the inspection Checking Fixtures made the following new requirements:
    1) can quickly and easily equipped with new products put into production, in order to shorten the production preparation cycle, reduce production costs;
    2) can be equipped with a set of similar characteristics of the workpiece;
    3) can be applied to precision machining of high precision inspection Checking Fixtures;
    4) can be applied to a variety of modern manufacturing technology of the new inspection Checking Fixtures;
    5) the use of hydraulic stations and other power sources for the efficient clamping device to further reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity;
    6) to improve the standardization of inspection Checking Fixtures.
    2. Modern inspection Checking Fixtures development direction
    Modern inspection Checking Fixtures development direction mainly for the standardization, precision, high efficiency and flexibility of four aspects.
    (1) standardization of inspection Checking Fixtures standardization and generalization are interrelated in two aspects. At present, China has the Checking Fixtures parts and components of the national standards: GB / T2148 ~ T2259-91 and various types of general Checking Fixtures, the combination of Checking Fixtures standards. Inspect the Checking Fixtures standardization, is conducive to the commercialization of Checking Fixtures, is conducive to shorten the production preparation cycle, reduce the total cost of production.
    (2) precision With the increasing precision of mechanical products, is bound to improve the accuracy of the Checking Fixtures requirements. There are many types of precision Checking Fixturess, such as multi-tooth discs for precision indexing, with an indexing accuracy of ± 0.1 "; high-precision three-jaw self-centering chuck for precision turning with a centering accuracy of 5μm The
    (3) efficient and efficient Checking Fixtures is mainly used to reduce the basic processing time and auxiliary time to improve labor productivity and reduce the labor intensity of workers. Common high efficiency Checking Fixtures with automatic Checking Fixtures, high-speed Checking Fixtures and Checking Fixtures with clamping force. For example, the use of electric vise on the milling machine to clamp the workpiece, the efficiency can be increased by about 5 times; in the lathe on the use of high-speed three-jaw self-centering chuck, can ensure that the test speed of 9000r / min test conditions can still be solid To clamp the workpiece, so that the cutting speed greatly improved. At present, in addition to the production line, automatic line configuration corresponding to the efficient, automatic Checking Fixtures, in the CNC machine tools, especially in the processing center appeared on a variety of automatic Checking Fixtures Checking Fixtures and automatic replacement Checking Fixtures device, give full play to the CNC machine effectiveness.
    (4) flexible check Checking Fixtures flexibility and flexibility of the machine is similar, it refers to the inspection Checking Fixtures through the adjustment, combination, etc., to adapt to the process variable factors. Process variable factors are: process characteristics, production volume, the shape and size of the workpiece. The new type of Checking Fixtures with flexible features are: combination Checking Fixtures, universal adjustable Checking Fixtures, group Checking Fixtures, modular Checking Fixtures, CNC Checking Fixtures and so on. In order to meet the needs of modern machinery industry and many varieties, the need for small and medium-sized production to expand the degree of flexibility of the Checking Fixtures to change the non-removable structure of the Checking Fixtures for the detachable structure, the development of adjustable Checking Fixtures structure will be the main direction of the current Checking Fixtures development.