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Beijing University Of Technology Visited Beijing Kingco

Aug 31, 2017

        August 28, 2017, Beijing University of Technology, deputy director Zhou of information optoelectronics, professional physics laboratory, director Liu of application and condensed matter physics department deputy, teacher Wang, and 2016 physical students line of 55 people came to Beijing Kingco to have exchange activities, the company total Cao and the leaders of relevant departments, have personally received on the site. Through learning the company's basic situation, teachers and students have a comprehensive understanding for our company's business areas and industry status.


The Total Cao putting forward the earnest hope to students

  Beijing University of Technology, founded in 1960, is a work-based, science, engineering, economics, management, culture, art, art combination of multi-disciplinary city key university. Currently with a number of teaching and research institutions and key disciplines, it has become an important base for the cultivation of high-quality innovative talents in Beijing. It is also the important indispensable force about scientific and technological innovation as well the research and development for economic and social development of to show the development of Beijing municipal colleges and universities results as a demonstration window.


Total Cao guiding students to conduct on-site interaction by "pyramid game"


Teachers and students visiting the workshop and equipment

  Accompanied by the Business Manager and Production Manager of Beijing Kingco, the students learned about the basic principles of CNC machining, CNC machining, material properties, machining range, and vehicle gauges in CMM.

  Beijing Kingco Industrial Technology Company, has a professional technical service capabilities and a strong historical and cultural accumulation, as the national high-tech enterprises attaching importance to product quality standards, strict standardized management. For 15 years, Kingco specializes in the production of precision prototyping model, car gage, fixture, a rule with the R & D design and manufacturing, military products supporting the production of a number of services. As the practice center of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Institute of Clothing, Beijing University of Technology, Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts and other industrial design practice base, Beijing Kingco focuses on the integration of production, learning and research, to provide business opportunities for learning practice. This visit to carry out practical activities, can be regarded as one fell swoop with the company adhering to technology innovation, and continuous attention to the development of industrial design business philosophy .


Kingco taking pictures with teachers and students 

  Production practice is an important part of university internship, Beijing Kingco as a the learning platform of college student to understand the social work practice and factory professional production equipment, production process, believes that a good corporate culture and solid production practice knowledge, will make students benefit In the course of the internship, but also hopes that students can grasp the factory practice opportunities, and actively understand the machine structure, processing methods and production management model, to further consolidate the theoretical knowledge, develop more solid professional skills for the future Work and employment to lay a good foundation.