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Beijing Kingco Providing Small Batch Production

Sep 22, 2017

        At present, there are a lot of professional small batch processing manufacturers, how to effectively meet the delivery speed, quality assurance, service stability, management practices, technological innovation, improvement of processing efficiency, etc., is that a number of manufacturing enterprises are facing important issues. Beijing Kingco Industrial model factory, specializing in prototype model processing for 15 years, has always been concerned about the growth of staff, enterprise development and service innovation, as the domestic professional rapid prototyping model and the production of automotive gage suppliers. Kingco has been made a number of core technology research and development of the patent certificate, with a standardized quality management system and customer information management system of confidentiality.

Kingco manufacturing plastic batch products

Kingco providing small batch production for rubber parts

  In the process of Industrial production, due to less market demand or expensive and other reasons not achieving the mass production of products, you need to use small quantities of mechanical processing or hand-made production methods. Beijing Kingco Industrial Technology Company has introduced high-precision mold making technology and injection molding technology to provide high-end precision products such as plastic mold design, manufacture, testing, commissioning and injection molding production and other innovative batch processing services, as the ideal production manufacturers matching with customers R & D design product verification.

Metal mass production processed by Beijing Kingco

  According to the production process of mass production, the processing of drawing CNC program, the analysis of parts structure and process, the choice of tool, the rough design of blank model and digital model, and the effective control of the whole production process are all the manufacturers need to determine production program. Beijing Kingco of the bulk processing, can provide customers with one-stop production services, from the drawings design and programming, CNC processing, hand-made proofing production to small-scale large-scale production, and constantly exceeding customer needs, to create industry competitive brand quality.