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Beijing Kingco Gauge Plant, Escort For Your Product

Oct 31, 2017

  The ISO 9001 certified and national high-tech enterprise Beijing Kingco, has created the exclusive strength advantages for your products by designing and manufacturing the supporting car seized.

Checking Fixture processed by Beijing Kingco.jpg


  a. Professional designing Team: For your project needs, our innovative designers and applied software, successfully designed large and medium-sized stamping parts, Welding assembly fixture; head assembly fixture; floor assembly fixture; four-door two-cap assembly fixture; instrument panel assembly fixture; door plate assembly fixture; bumper assembly fixture; glove box assembly fixture; skylight assembly fixture; open inspection (PCF, OCF) tool, etc.. 

  b. Complete processing equipment: We Beijing Kingco inspection tool factory has the large gantry machining center with a span of 4000 * 2500 * 1500mm, and 2200 * 1600 * 1200mm, the Swiss Mikron high speed machine (precision up to 0.02mm), Taiwan machining center with processing trip of 1000 * 600 * 700mm, thirteen Carved Machines; as well the lathes, drilling, milling, grinding, line cutting, welding and other auxiliary equipment. Coordinate measuring equipment, with accuracy 0.002mm, includes: Italy imports Hexagon three coordinate measuring instrument, travel 3300 * 2000 * 1000mm; two joint venture brand automatic coordinate measuring instruments, travel 5000 * 2500 * 1500mm.

  c. Continuous and friendly customer relations: Beijing Kingco gauge company, has been working with various well-known automobile OEMs to provide all kinds of auto parts and assembly fixtures, including FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Toyota, BAIC Group, Beijing Benz, Beijing Hyundai, Great Wall Motor, Wuling Automobile, etc. Excellent product quality and caring after-sales service, in the industry Kingco has a certain brand advantage. Appraised by the Europe and America vice president of Johnson Controls Automobile, and foreign experts as "Perfect, very fast delivery, 1st choice for this kind of part".