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Beijing Kingco Carbon Fiber Gauge Plant

Oct 24, 2017

        Carbon fiber material is a new type of high strength, corrosion resistant fiber structure material, with a certain electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding. The main advantage of the carbon fiber inspection tool is that it has a good hardness, which can effectively control the product size accuracy and stability.

Beijing Kingco Machining Carbon fiber opening inspection

Kingco Designing for Carbon fiber Gauge


  For the drilling of carbon fiber gage manufacturing, Beijing Kingco gage production company first in accordance with the customer drawings design corresponding auxiliary reference block, and then according to the preparation of the program to select a reasonable tool and cutting mode, for the effective CNC precision machining. At the same time through the quality inspection tools and precision measuring instrument, the product size tolerance accuracy can be controlled at any time.

Carbon Fiber checking fixture made by Kingco

  In recent years, more and more white car body gauges are used to the upgrade materials carbon fiber, including the main body of checking fixture and simulation block. Especially in the seizure’s precision, strength, the use of light and reuse rate, Carbon fiber as the current high-tech mainstream materials, has significantly exceeded the traditional aluminum and stainless steel materials, to become the effective detection tool of many automotive OEMs. Beijing Kingco auto parts inspection tool factory provides the design, processing, assembly, measurement, packing and transportation supporting service of carbon fiber opening inspection for BAIC, FAW and other famous automobile factories.