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Beijing Home Appliance Model Plant With Dust-free Shop

Oct 31, 2017

  The home appliance prototypes factory Beijing Kingco, specializes in the supporting certification services for refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, hoods, purifiers, drinking fountains and other products for 15 years. 

Kingco home appliances prototype for appearance verification

  Beijing Kingco model factory for production of home appliances prototypes, from appearance to functional characteristics, can help customers achieve the desired product verification needs. Kingco household appliances model production company, is equipped with Switzerland Mikron high-speed machining center, gantry CNC machining center, high-precision engraving and milling machine, Italy automatic gantry coordinate measuring machine, high-quality vacuum laminating machine, UV coating equipment, laser laser carving Machine, sandblasting machine, 100,000 clean paint color development center. The dust-free spray shop does not allow non-staff members to enter, so as to prevent dust from affecting the model appearance. Spraying technicians need to wear clean clothes, gloves and masks, from the physical conditions to better ensure that customer's production environment.

100k dust-proof coating color development center of Kingco

  Kignco model production in the home appliance industry supporting cooperation customers, has mainly Vantage, Samsung, Haier, Media, China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and other well-known products or design companies, professionally to provide customers with cost savings, shorten cycle of trial production solutions.