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Beijing Fixture Manufacturer With Good Quality

Nov 13, 2017

  Car body is composed of hundreds of sheet metal stamping parts with complex profiles, plate stamping parts and rectangular steel pipe by welding, riveting or mechanical connection and other methods to form a complete body. The fixture used in the welding process is called welding fixture. Welding fixture, is a non-standard devices, according to product features, the actual production conditions to design and manufacture before production. Due to the widespread size and geometric tolerances of manual assembly in the mechanical design and manufacturing process, the design of welding fixture should first of all reasonably determine the size and geometric tolerances of parts, then combine with the actual production of fixture considering the solder joint location, process practicability and economy.

Multi-standard fixture products

  With the rapid development of automotive industry and science and technology, the fixture has developed from an early aids to a full range of technology and equipment. Welding fixture is usually composed of positioning components, clamping components and clamp body. When machining a workpiece on a machine tool, the workpiece must be well installed and clamped before it can be machined so that the surface of the workpiece can meet the required dimensions, geometry, and mutual accuracy with other surfaces. At the same time fixture structure should be easy to manual operation, easy loading and unloading, sufficient welding space to avoid interference between adjacent parts; In the actual operation, positioning benchmark to choose the plane, as far as possible to use the existing hole designed on product drawings to reduce the difficulty of processing design factor. The maintenance and repair of fixture need to be done: welding fixture should be used before checking the correct size of workpiece positioning; confirming the surface roughness of baffle, latch and dowel is too poor or not for proper grinding treatment; after use, the welding fixture surface need be coated with anti-rust oil.

Lateral flow tank and steering column fixed beam welding assembly gages

  Beijing Kingco automotive inspection factory, focusing on product quality process innovation and staff team management, has successfully designed large and medium-sized stamping parts, internal and external trim seized; welding assembly, lamp assembly, floor assembly, four Door cover assembly, dashboard assembly, bumper assembly, skylight assembly; a variety of matching, opening gage; assembly sample rack, etc, in provision of service on design, processing, testing and after-sales for automotive gauges, jig and fixture, measuring holding fixtures.