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Auto Glass Inspection Gauge Customized At Beijing Kingco

Jan 26, 2018

  Automotive glass components, including door glass, windshield, rear view mirror or connecting glass with other shapes, have important influence on the vehicle aesthetic, safety performance, user comfort and driving convenience. For automotive glass products verified the quality appearance or batch production, the glass gage is your ideal choice. Beijing Kingco Automobile Inspection Factory can produce all kinds of glass seizure, such as carbon fiber opening gage, car body parts seized gage, cover gage and other auto parts or assembly fixture.

Door Glass seizure processed by Beijing Kingco

  Similar with other types of gage, glass gage is also composed by the body, floor, positioning parts, measuring parts, clamping mechanism, nameplate, card board and other parts. In the design process of automotive glass gage, it must be based on the corresponding design priorities, to take into account the follow-up gage machining, testing and assembly of different requirements, with the common design software UG, CATIA, CAD to determine the fixture modeling shape and spherical size, positioning surface and reference surface for measurement, the body, floor, pallets, pin and other processing parts, as well pins, clamp and other standard parts of the gap.

Beijing Kingco machining back door glass assembly fixture

  The glass seizure production at Beijing Kingco, is usually used resin body and metal base combination of processing methods to meet the actual production process of product cost control and reusability. About the gauge accuracy of positioning and gap, is in strict accordance with the size of drawings to design and produce, but also facilitate customers on the rapid detection and operation.