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Assembly Fixtures Is Used In The Welding Of Automotive Body

Oct 17, 2017

Assembly Fixtures is used in the welding of automotive body
Assembly Fixtures in foreign use has been more than half a century, and began to use in China, is the early 90s of last century, a large number of use is the late 90s of last century so far. Assembly Fixtures The reason why a variety of production enterprises in the industrial country to quickly promote the application of the secret is: it clever use of four-bar linkage, the design of a right self-locking clamping point, to achieve accurate positioning, fast clamping purposes The Eliminate the unnecessary assembly process in the mass production process, and stabilize the inherent quality and appearance of quality, improve the finished product pass rate, improve production speed, significant savings in production costs.
The current market of qualified Fixtures is made in US-made, German-made, Japanese-made, Chinese-made and marketed in terms of variety specifications. "Nbjointch." - our company and factory. Domestic products, inexpensive, for enterprises to ensure the same quality under the premise of reducing procurement costs to provide a shortcut. Assembly Fixtures There are currently no international common standards. But the brand name factory has a common tacit standard, that is, "self-locking clamping point" accurate fast clamping the number of cycles. As we all know, the link mechanism is one of several major transmission mechanism, we reverse it, so that it does not move and self-locking, self-locking is the key. The positioning of the Assembly Fixtures life: Assembly Fixtures in the loss of self-locking clamping function that moment, that is, the end of the assembly Fixtures life. Qualified Assembly Fixtures life, welding process to use as an example, in the case of poor environment, that is, more slag in the case of 100,000 - 500,000 times more. In the case of better environment, that is, less slag and dust, such as car body welding, more than a million times. In 2001, I went to an annual output of 150,000 cars, 94 from the beginning of the purchase of the entire welding line from Taiwan, the use of 702 - C nearly a thousand, only 5 only need to be replaced.
There are individual welding equipment factory, due to equipment factory warranty period of only one year, we hope that the premise of price reduction in the price. This point, we can not agree. Assembly Fixtures the key is self-locking, the self-locking point is not down with the quality it is only a little lower, that is, this point down, may lead to fast clip life only a little bit. We cut prices, to reduce the quality and improve the quality of the premise of the use of new technology, to reduce the use of advanced management, income on the savings. Our quality assurance, is the premise of the overall quality assurance equipment, equipment manufacturers are quality production, stable production, access to the premise of efficiency.
Assembly Fixtures is widely used in the manufacture of electronic components, posture equipment, automobile, motorcycle frame, bicycle, etc., iron pipe furniture set, sports equipment production, aircraft assembly, PU molding qualitative, toys, handicraft processing plants Parts of the processing and assembly of the fixed Assembly Fixtures, plastic injection products to prevent deformation, wood products processing plant parts of the plane \ milling, we, tapping, testing, etc. Chemical pharmaceutical, food and other industrial pipeline convergence, barrels The opening and closing of the cover and the various mass production involved in the processing of the need for Assembly Fixtures fixed, the other needs a fixed clamping to be completed or work occasions can be used.