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Application Of Rapid Prototyping Technology

Jan 09, 2017

(1) in the application of rapid prototyping technology in the new product design process for industrial product design and development staff to build a brand new product development model. Application of RP technology to quickly and directly and precisely design idea into a functional mock-ups (samples), which not only shortens the development cycle and reduce development costs, so that enterprises in the fierce market competition a head start.

(2) due to application of RP technology in mechanical manufacturing its own characteristics, its manufacturing area, access to a wide range of applications, for the manufacture of single-piece and small-batch metal parts manufacturing. Some complex parts, due to the production of single or small quantities of less than 50 are generally direct molding RP technology available, low cost, short cycle.

(3) the rapid tooling manufacturing traditional mould with long production times, and high cost. Rapid prototyping technology combined with traditional mold manufacturing technology, can greatly shorten the development cycle of mould manufacturing, productivity, are effective ways to solve the mold design and manufacturing weaknesses. Application of rapid prototyping technology in die and mold manufacturing can be divided into direct molding and indirect modeling of two kinds of direct tooling refers to using RP technology directly stacked to create a mold, indirect business model is to make rapid prototyping parts, then copy the parts needed to be mold.

(4) application in the medical field in recent years, people's application of RP technology in medical field study. On the basis of medical imaging data, using RP technology to make human organ models, great application value to surgery.

(5) the application in the field of culture and art in the field of culture and art, art of rapid prototyping manufacturing technology used for creating digital sculptures, artifacts copied, and so on.

(6) in the application of aerospace technology in the field of aerospace, aerodynamics simulation experiment (wind tunnel test) is the design and performance of advanced space shuttle system (space shuttle) essential important link. The experimental model used in complex shapes, high accuracy, and streamline properties using RP technology, according to the CAD model, done automatically by the RP device model, can guarantee a very good model quality.