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Analysis Of Market Prospect Of 3D Printing Models

Jul 13, 2017

Analysis of market prospect of 3D Printing Models

We've seen a lot of articles about the development of 3D Printing Models, but for investors, the more information is available, the more insights mean more opportunities. So how does IDTechEx, a leading UK technology market research firm, look at the development of 3D Printing Models over the next decade?

How to look at the transformative power of 3D Printing Models?

There is a cycle in the field of 3 d printing model - hype, too much hype about 3 d print model, the technology for manufacturing has potential influence, but far from achieving a trigger the height of the "third industrial revolution".

How to look at 3D Printing Models for the next decade?

IDTechEx prediction model of 3 d printing machine and the model of 3 d printing materials market value will be more than $18 million in 2025, the competitiveness of the desktop consumption model of the 3 d printing machine was in decline, manufacturers will find from the model of 3 d printing machine into every household is more and more distant dream. Large enterprises focus on the application of 3D Printing Models to aerospace, bio-medical, energy development and jewelry industry. The production efficiency of each equipment, accuracy, reliability and operation speed will be significantly improved. Intellectual property and quality assurance problems are also urgently needed to solve the problem. In addition, although the application of 3 d printing model range is very wide, but because of the limitations, it can't separate production of all items, but combined with other manufacturing process, achieve an entirely new way of manufacture.

How about the 3D Printing Models?

The 3D Printing Models is one of the fastest growing parts of the technology. Sales of 3D Printing Models will increase by 48% in the next decade, and metal materials will grow by 32%. With the decrease of equipment price, the industry of 3D Printing Models technology will be more and more.

Where is the biggest market opportunity for 3D Printing Models?

By 2026, model of 3 d printing machine sales to more than 9000 units, will still be the most widely used powder layer processing technology, welding the growth rate of the printer is the largest, but its base is very small, and there are many techniques are still on the stage of development. In addition, due to the increasing demand for 3D Printing Models components in the aerospace industry and orthopaedic industry, the growth rate of titanium alloy powder in 3D Printing Models is also significant.

In fact, leading car manufacturers have already used additive manufacturing and 3D Printing Models to make all kinds of molds and fixtures for assembly and manufacturing processes. 3 d printing model review, design verification, complex structure parts in modelling, more material composite parts, lightweight structure parts, such as pieces of customized special tooling, after-sales personality change applications gradually dominate. These leading auto makers have developed their own model of 3D Printing Models. At present including the SLS, FDM, 3 dp, Polyjet, SLM, SLA technology in the field of automotive applications include from the interior to the tyres, air pipes, lid, pneumatic model, cylinder block, cylinder head, fuel system, such as shell design and functional verification. These USES marks a 3 d print model of the future will enter or has higher value-added manufacturing process, but also marks the auto makers may at any time will be 3 d print model is used for direct manufacturing eventually used auto parts.