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Analysis Of Green Machining

Sep 14, 2017

        Machinery manufacturing industry is an important indicator of the degree of national industrialization. In recent years, the mechanical processing industry has also been rapid development, in the modern industrial and economic and technological development. To improve the processing level while improving resource utilization, and reduce environmental pollution, for achieving intelligent, digital, clean green mechanical processing technology has been imperative.

Technology Innocationo of Green Machining

     Compared with the traditional mechanical processing technology, green mechanical processing applications are mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

     Green processing technology

     In the practical machining process, the shape, size, relative position and nature of the production object are changed by the pattern and process making process into a product. The resulting waste, is greatly harmful to environment, so it’s necessary to use the scientific and rational emissions. Green mechanical processing fluid, containing natural degradation solvents, water-based cutting fluid, cold air and other raw materials, can be used the micro-oil film with water droplets technology, to avoid excessive use of lubricating fluid, so as to reduce the generation and discharge of harmful substances, thereby improving the industrial environment.

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     Green cutting technology

     The traditional mechanical processing cutting technology, need more energy consumption, and higher cost, resulting in machine corrosion and serious environmental pollution. With the development of industrial technology, ultra-high and dry cutting technology, have been applied in more and more mechanical processing enterprises. The green cutting fluid, is helpful to reduce the machining process of the knife force and heat deformation, with less lubricating fluid and coolant. From the choice of original liquid to wear resistance of machine, it should be carried out on the technical innovation, and constantly adjustment on cutting environment and cutting methods in order to optimize the production model and improve production efficiency.

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  At present, green mechanical processing technology is still in the early stages of application, its related technology has yet to be further improved. In order to better apply green processing technology into more mechanical processing enterprises, we also need strengthen technological innovation and explore research, and effectively protect the ecological environment, improve the quality of production and promote the sustainable development of China's machinery processing industry. Registered in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park of the national high-tech enterprises, the Industrial model production company, Beijing Kingco Technology Devpt. Co., Ltd, as the domestic professional rapid prototyping model and the production of automotive gage suppliers, with a sound quality management system, has made a number of core technology research and development Of the patent certificate, attention to staff growth, service quality innovation and sustainable development of enterprises.