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Design& Detection Of Bumper Assembly Gages

Jun 09, 2017

        Car bumper is the safety device to absorb and ease the external momentum, to protect the front and rear auto parts. Now common car bumper is generally made of plastic bumper shell, reinforced beams and left and right two energy-absorbing bracket and other installation components. The previous car bumper is based on metal materials, with steel plate stamping into the channel, riveted or welded with the frame girders after surface treatment, in such way, the larger gap between the bar and the body, impacted on automotive appearance. The Plastic bumper with good strength, rigidity and decorative, can protect the front and rear body when a collision occurs; also can naturally combine with the body in wonderful decorative appearance, which is an important part of the car components.



  Gauges as a three - dimensional measuring tool for the detection of automobile parts, play the important gateway role on manufacturing of stamping parts, components and assembly. Although the gage has no scale, to detect the specific size, location and shape, but of judgment whether the measured elements are in the range of manufacturing tolerance by regulation or gap, then you can achieve the accurate, intuitive and fast detection of auto parts. It is a key factor to ensure the quality of auto body.

  Bumper assembly gages, generally use the actual loading position to design, draw the base bit in order after determining the floor plane position, according to GD & T drawings. Based on the bumper assembly requirements, the tested items are: (1) The bolt on the connection plate hole, need use detection pin to test. When the bolt hole is detected, insert the diamond pin into the larvae of the detection bracket. The detection position between the diamond pin and the bolt hole of the connecting plate is 0.5mm clearance. If the diamond pin is able to pass through the part, the mutual position is qualified. Otherwise it is unqualified. (2) The profile of the end of connecting plate and beam, need use 6mm gap detection. According to the product requirements, only the small can pass through the gap, but the big end not, it’s qualified, otherwise failed. (3) Numbers of key points on strengthen beam, need use digital dial indicator detection. In front bumper assembly gage, headlamps upper inspection design, is an important appearance, mainly with a dial indicator to detect the gap, face difference. Fender board, side scaffold gage design, is the focus and difficulty of design. It is necessary to ensure assembly effect, but also easy to operate. the check design of spoiler on both sides, in the installation, and testing the front bumper assembly, the fender is not actually installed, there need be designed a fence to simulate the fender function, so as to achieve the positioning of side bracket and front bumper gage. The rear bumper assembly is mainly composed of positioning mechanism, clamping mechanism, testing mechanism, supporting mechanism, gage base and other auxiliary parts. After the test table on the bumper on some parts of the higher precision requirements, the quantitative testing is needed. We can use dial indicator to detect, comparing the read value with the theoretical value of product's modulus, if it is within the error range, that is qualified. In order to reduce the weight of the gage, the detection of stent is generally in aluminum, test block and playing table bushings should be of wear resistance, in material 4Crl3. Detection pin is used to detect the hole on the product and its location. First to detect the aperture, if the aperture is qualified, and then placed it on the gage for hole position detection. 




  Bumper inspection in the trial production stage is mainly used for the full measurement and sampling measurement after mass production, often with measurement on the key point by regulations and dial indicator, and car inspection Design by UG. Its simple, fast and accurate characteristics can bring significant economic benefits for the main plant and bumper suppliers. Beijing Kingco inspection production company has the comprehensive strength for full set of gage design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and measuring, capable of professional design and production for all kinds of car seized. The successful designs of the car assembly inspection include, headlight assembly, floor assembly inspection, four-door two-cap assembly seized, dashboard assembly gage, door plate assembly gage, bumper assembly gage, glove box assembly gage, skylight assembly check, etc. With excellent quality and awesome service, Beijing Kingco has been the customer's praise and recognition.