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CNC Prototyping In The Automotive Industry Ready To Go

Jun 12, 2017

CNC Prototyping in the automotive industry ready to go
Market research firm SmarTech published a report that the NC prototype in the automotive industry ready to go, and the prospects are bright. The report is titled "Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in the Automotive Industry: A Ten-Year Forecast". According to the report's forecast, by 2019, CNC prototyping applications in the automotive sector will generate a total of $ 1.1 billion in global sales.

There are several key trends that drive car manufacturers to rise for CNC prototyping applications, such as prototyping components that can be digitized by NC prototypes, using numerical prototypes to create conceptual models for adaptation and final inspection, design validation, and even creating Used for vehicle and engine test functions.

In fact, leading automakers have used generators and CNC Prototypings to manufacture molds, fixtures, etc. for assembly and manufacturing processes. CNC Prototyping in the shape of the assessment, design verification, complex structural parts, multi-material composite parts, lightweight structural parts, custom special tooling, after-sales personalized replacement parts and other applications gradually dominated. These leading car manufacturers have developed their own characteristics with the prototype prototype application model. At present, including SLS, FDM, 3DP, PolyJet, SLM, SLA technology in the automotive field applications from interior to tire, air pipe, lid, pneumatic model, cylinder, cylinder head, fuel system, shell design and functional verification The These uses mark the future of CNC prototyping technology to enter or enter a higher value-added manufacturing process, but also marks the car manufacturers at any time it is possible to use CNC prototyping technology for the direct manufacture of the final use of automotive parts.

China Automotive Industry Association (CAAM) is expected by 2020, China's auto market share of the world's auto market will be close to 1/3. The world's leading car brands are operating in China, including General Motors, Ford and Land Rover will be their Asian headquarters in China. GM, Volkswagen and Honda have R & D centers in China. Parts manufacturers Borg Warner, ZF, Eaton also has a research and development center in China or Asia headquarters. The Chinese government supports and invests the automotive industry as a strategic industry. And in the government special funds to give the automotive industry in technological innovation, upgrading, research and development, clean energy vehicles and lightweight components to give strong support. With the combination of increased material manufacturing and automotive applications, the development of China's auto industry will also bring a huge application space for CNC prototyping industry.