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3D Printing Models Of The Collection Method

Aug 25, 2017

3D Printing Models of the collection method
 1, the history of stock arrangement method:
According to the development of 3D Printing Models, the production time collection, research 3D Printing Models evolution, development process (including appearance development, engine development). From different times of the modeling trend and the historical background of the modern human civilization to understand the mainstream of development. The development of 3D Printing Models is also a microcosm of modern human science and technology and social development.
2, the perfect collection method (personal style):
Model collection lovers, according to their own perfect view, from 100 years of 3D Printing Models history to find their own taste of the model and style, so as to achieve self-expression of the collection.
3, process appreciation method:
According to the 3D Printing Models manufacturers classification collection, designed to pursue the collection of the degree of simulation, texture, technology and structure of the perfect combination.
4, hands-on transformation method:
The 3D Printing Models to be modified, such as re-painting, stickers decorated film, and even pieces for fitting, open hoods and other face-lift, to seek the fun of manufacturing and successful satisfaction.
5, the use of specific law:
There are a lot of people who are self - unique in their own. I know a female reporter, specifically collection of various types of locomotives, ancient and modern, style and taste. Taiwan has a predecessor, in addition to over 10,000 models of the car, the real 3D Printing Models can be described as a soft spot. Jun did not see Hong Kong also has a "car crazy" collection of dozens of master real car. Many professional people can be described as charismatic, dedicated collection of their own professional treasures, such as firefighters like fire engines, construction industry friends specializing in construction vehicles, public bus staff naturally subject to a public bus, and even bus accessories, Such as real car brand name, bus station, road map, bus ticket, cut ticket machine everything, one by one collection, people, things, emotional integration.
Put the 3D Printing Models to pay attention to dust
For the 3D Printing Models collection enthusiasts, the choice of high-grade metal materials and plastic made of 3D Printing Models, processing technology requires a higher, and in the "broom from the Jane" principle, the maintenance of the 3D Printing Models must not be ignored.
When placed, pay attention to dust
Placed should pay attention to dust, do not arbitrarily put the 3D Printing Models on the desk or the general table, but should set a plexiglass cover, to prevent dust into the 3D Printing Models. If the economy permits, the purchase of a combination of models can be used for universal box, dust and moisture, very easy to use. "Or the 3D Printing Models placed in the glass cabinet, touch the 3D Printing Models should be put on gloves to prevent the acid sweat corrosion paint." 3D Printing Models collection enthusiasts Ru Feng reminded.
Do not ignore paint on wax
High-end 3D Printing Models of the paint almost all the same with the real car paint, so the maintenance of the 3D Printing Models paint can not be ignored. With the "China 3D Printing Models collection of the first person," said Cai Kai said, maintenance of 3D Printing Models paint, you can use Biluo beads to wet cloth after wiping the car paint. If you need further maintenance, you can also use a very delicate water wax wipe the body, so that not only can protect the paint, not easy to ash. In addition, it should be noted that every time waxing wax can not be too much, but also pay attention to the 3D Printing Models of the gap, can not be wax drops into the gap.
 Keep dry with a desiccant
Ru Feng also reminded to put the 3D Printing Models of the cabinet to maintain a certain degree of humidity, not too dry, can not be too wet. Also need to be noted that, do not use the lamp for a long time in the model above, so that the high temperature will not make the wheel and plastic parts deformation. Conversely, if the environment is too wet, you can use the desiccant to keep the cabinet dry.
Often change the tire location
"If the 3D Printing Models is too heavy or long placed in a location, it is best to always turn the 3D Printing Models wheel, replace the tire location, to prevent the wheel deformation or contact with the contact surface." "3D Printing Models collectors can also use a small wooden pad in the car under the body, the body up to avoid the wheel to the ground, which also to a certain extent, extended the tire life.