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Which Factors will Affect the Model Price

Dec 22, 2017

  Prices of prototype models, can be regarded as the reference factor that customers are more concerned about needs of model production. Quotations from different hand board factory price will vary greatly. With the price increasing of various raw materials in the market environment and the increased labor management costs, the price of rapid prototyping can not fully reflect its quality and usually been affected by many factors.

  Prototype processing structure and complexity are main factors affecting price. Sometimes to compare a set of mobile phone models with the larger air-conditioner in size, the price of mobile phone model is even higher, due to the complexity of its production process. Similarly, the price of car grille can not simply be considered the processing of materials and surface technology, more depends on the internal structure and extended processing time.

 Beijing Kingco  CNC machining equipment

  In addition, the Prototype processing accuracy or tolerance requirements can also cause high model prices, and the matching resources about such model production need professional programming master, NC operators, high-precision CNC machining centers, special processing tools and skilled hands surface treatment technician.

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