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What do you need to do when you want to custom automobile checking fixture?

Mar 15, 2017

Fistly contact us, and sent us GD&T or 3D drawings for quotation.


1.Marketing Department received the your automible checking fixture need, start the project.

2. To determine the cost of testing raw materials, design, processing, assembly, attachment, 

plesae provide: GD&T, 3D drawings and technical agreement.

A) product 3D chart (STP or IGS) and GD&T drawings.

B) technical agreement indicate material requirements, production and assembly accuracy.

3.Design Department design program based on your information.

4.You can review the program and make an amendment. After determining the basic program, 

the specific test methods and the required materials, we can sign a contract.

The next step is our work.

5.Design Department according to the 3D data, draw 2D assembly drawings, and draft operating 

instructions and measurement plans.

6.Production Department according to the 3D&2D drawings to develop production plans, 

prepare material and process.

7.Check the finished parts, identify the cause of the problem, and modify it until qualified.

8. Accurate positioning assemble according to the assembly diagram; Polishing to ensure 

smooth surface without burrs.

9. Coordinate measurement (CMM)

Test the assembly checking fixture in coordinate measurement, record the real test data and 

precision check table to compare. And finally issued a test report.

10.Decorating the qualified automobile checking fixture, labeling, configuration accessories, 

non-detection surface painting.

11.Finished product review

Put the product in the finished automobile checking fixture, and review the automobile checking fixture.

12.Packing and shipping qualified automobile checking fixture with wooden box.

13.We also provide after-sales service. 

Pls don't feel hesitate to contact us if our automobile checking fixture hit your requirements.