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The Production Features of Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Jun 01, 2017

The development of human society is a continuous process of manufacturing, and manufacturing is the basis of human social development. The development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry is toward the globalization, network information, virtualization, automation and green direction. Machinery manufacturing industry involved in the industrial areas are mainly mechanical equipment, automobiles, shipbuilding, aircraft, locomotives, household appliances and so on.

  The main features of the machinery manufacturing industry are: discrete mainly, supplemented by the process, the assembly as the focus.

  Take equipment manufacturing as an example, in terms of production method, the final finished product is generally composed of separate parts, which is a typical discrete industry. Automobile manufacturing industry is considered to traditional industry discrete. Such as die casting, and surface treatment, belong to the scope of the process, but the vast majority of the process is still characterized by discrete. Therefore, the machinery manufacturing industry is not an absolute discrete industry, which is still part of the characteristics of the process. Specific features are the following:

(1) The process is simple and clear, with flexible process lines, manufacturing resources coordination difficulties.

(2) The level of automation is relatively low.

(3) The formulation of production planning and task management are heavy.

(4) Material storage is more convenient.

  China's modern machinery manufacturing industry has made some achievements, but compared with the developed countries, the gap is relatively large, the level of development is still in the initial stage, there is a small overall size, the level is not high, unreasonable structure, institutional reform And the mechanism of innovation lag and other issues. Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is currently vigorously promoting the integration of two, accelerate the use of information technology to transform the depth of traditional industries, breadth and speed, improve the efficiency of design and development and success rate, change the equipment manufacturing industry production model, thus promote the development of modern manufacturing services.


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