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The Structure and Application of Auto-cover Inspection Tool

Jun 22, 2017

    Automotive cover refers to the parts made by the stamping parts (sub-assembly), body skeleton, all kinds of interior parts and so on. Stamping single piece inspection tool, as the benchmark of mold repair, is to guide the work of mold debugging by measuring the test module. Welding assembly inspection is to test sub-assembly, and even the entire body, as an important indicator of qualified.

  The cover fixture is designed according to the detection characteristics of the cover. Different from the machining tool, the main features of cover fixture are: (1) The irregular shape of parts, make the positioning, support, clamping more difficult; (2) Due to the poor steel and deformation, there is an error problem. (3) Usually to set its size reference in the body coordinate system, except some of the features (such as holes, flanges, etc.) relative to the adjacent coordinate line size in the figure (Figure) On the outside of the mark, most of the contours (especially the free surface) did not give the size of the value. The detection of the car cover is based on the profile of the gage and is measured in conjunction with other means of detection such as crossed alignment, flush alignment, thickness gauge inspection, vernier caliper and special hand gauges. When the workpiece size and shape accuracy requirements are high, you can set a number of cross-section around the checkerboard, to maintain its working part of the surface and the cover of the measured surface left 3mm gap, so that a variety of special measuring tool use.

Side Cover Checker.jpg

Side Cover Checker

  The detection of cover gage should normally be carried out in the clamping state. The function of the clamping device is to ensure the reliability of the part to be tested. It should be guided by the fact that the positioning is not damaged and the parts are not deformed. To be lightweight, easy parts of the loading and unloading, making use of the standard on the market clamping device. Clamping method is mainly lever-type chuck clamping and permanent magnet clamping. Clamping point must be set in the "O" gap surface (ie, bearing surface), and the number of clamping points should be as little as possible, clamping position Should be selected in the better rigidity parts. The permanent magnet for clamping is a flat round button shape. There are two types of mounting: ① The permanent magnet is embedded in the support block. ② The permanent magnets are symmetrically embedded in the profile on both sides of the support block (the upper surface of the magnet should be lower than the positioning surface 012 ~ 013mm). Large clamping parts are often mixed with chuck clamping and magnet clamping ways. As the parts around using lever-type chuck clamping,  the middle support block is used permanent magnet clamping.

Auto Hood Outer Plate Assembly Gage in Epoxy Tooling Board_副本.jpg

  Auto Hood Outer Plate Assembly Gage in Epoxy Tooling Board

  Automotive cover inspection has a certain advantage mainly in mass production. Because of the complex shape, bulky, long production cycle, high cost, and the detection of a single object, the detection of poor flexibility, in addition, the seized characteristics make it difficult to quickly obtain a large number of accurate measurement data. At present, for large-scale welding assembly and body detection, more advanced automated detection technology has been more and more widely used. Beijing Kingco has a full set of gage design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, measuring the comprehensive strength, working with the well-known car OEMs to provide all kinds of auto parts and assembly seized.