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The quality jigs supplier with guaranteed delivery

Oct 31, 2017

  Beijing Kingco jig and fixture factory can provide the service of design and manufacturing welding fixture, assembly fixture, tooling fixture and so on. Jig or fixture is usually composed of positioning element, clamping device, knife guide element, indexing device, connecting element, and fixture base. 

  The positioning element is used to determine the correct position of workpiece in the fixture; Guide element can determine the relative position of tool and part or guide the direction of tool; Indexing device can make parts in a single installation to complete the processing of several stations, divided into degree device and linear moving indexing device.

jigs produced by Kingco.jpg

  The precise clamping of fixture for car dashboard beam assembly will reduce the deformation of automotive dashboard girders during welding process. Jigs or fixtures for workpiece holding in machining process, are also suitable for mass production, helping customer to save product cost.