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The professional Q&A about Beijing Kingco model plant

Nov 10, 2017

1. What's the MOQ about prototype model?

A single or small batch is available.

2. How long to get the production samples ?

As usual, the samples will be ready in 5-10 working days. The exact time is based on your drawing requirements.

3. Do you support OEM ?

Yes, we can make products as your request.

4. How much does a model cost?

We can provide the custom made models for different industries, after all, different production requirements will have different prices. If you can send us drawings or data, we are pleased to assess your specific production costs as soon as possible within 2-8 hours.

5. Are you a factory or trade company?

As a manufacturing company, we Beijing Kingco has our own production equipment, providing one-stop service to customers, from the model design programming, CNC machining, manual processing proofing production to small batch production.