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The Difference and Application of Ordinary and CNC Machine

Jun 30, 2017

Numerical control technology, also known as Computerized Numerical Control technology (CNC), is through digital, text and symbols composed of digital instructions to achieve one or more mechanical equipment movement control technology. CNC machine tool is in accordance with the preparation of a good processing procedures, automatically machining of parts. It is composed by CNC devices, drive devices, auxiliary devices, programming and other ancillary devices. Ordinary lathes and CNC lathes are still present in most manufacturing enterprises. According to the equipment status, products scale, structure type of parts and technical level of workers, the process of each part is compiled rationally, so that the ordinary processing and CNC machining process are in reasonable convergence, maximizing the enterprise's existing equipment utilization and human resources to attain the greatest potential.

  The main difference of CNC machine tools and general machine tool is: CNC machine tools are equipped with a numerical control system, you can achieve automated processing by program control. But for general machine, cutting metal while processing need via hand shake the mechanical tool, and rely on the eye with a caliper and other tools to measure the accuracy of the product. Both as the production and processing of machine equipment, have their own advantages: the processing cost of general machine tool are relatively low, easy to adjust the process, easy maintenance of the lathe maintenance; Ordinary machine has a complex transmission system and transmission mechanism, no automatic Control system, there is still a great use of value and use of space. CNC machine tools labor intensity is lower, the processing accuracy and production efficiency is higher, more suitable for trial parts, complex parts and small batch and repeated production of parts processing, more conducive to the management of modernization, to achieve the production process automation to create the conditions.

Other differences between general machine tool and CNC machine tool are followed:

  1. General lathe with gear speed, need pull the variable handle to speed, CNC lathes are generally used CNC program to speed.

  2. To process thread on General lathe, with a trapezoidal thread screw thread, and a light rod for cutting, CNC lathes are used ball screw.

  3. General lathe tool holder is generally on the operator side, most knife of CNC lathe is in the opposite of operator, economical CNC lathe knife is in the side of the operator.

  4. Ordinary lathe rails are hard rail, in the type of large, medium and small pallet handle; CNC lathe rails have hard rails and rails, without handle and small carriage.

  5. General lathe has no a numerical control device, the spindle motor is generally an ordinary motor, spindle, feed and cooling pump are manually controlled; CNC lathe spindle motor is often used to change the frequency motor or servo motor, with CNC program control or manual.

  At present, some enterprises ignore the comprehensive development of labor and balanced production, process arrangements have a certain degree of arbitrariness and extreme, still in the widespread phenomenon of parts processing process unreasonable. So to use of ordinary machine tools and CNC machine tool processing advantages in better way, and reasonable arrangements, can improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. Beijing Kingco has always been concerned about the innovation of enterprise technology and equipment, equipped with advanced production equipment and facilities, CNC machining centers include: Switzerland Mikron high-speed machining center, gantry CNC machining center, high-precision engraving and milling machine, CNC punch, Machine, CNC cutting plate machine, etc., providing customers with cost savings, shorten the cycle of verification and trial solutions.