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Technology for Checking Fixture

Jul 06, 2017

The vehicle gage is a general term for a dedicated measuring tool for automotive product inspection, providing measurement data by various test means, and size characteristics to determine automotive product standard, for the control of product quality. In the process of automobile production, common gauges such as Vernier caliper, percentage and micrometer are widely used in single and small batch production. Gauge, measuring instrument and inspection fixture are mainly used for mass production. The development of gage has been updated with the change of production mode, and gradually changed to flexible, serialized, standardized and intelligent.

In general, as long as it is adjustable, and able to reused for size detection, which can be called flexible checker. The adjustable amount of special checker is relatively small, but in the flexible checker, the base, positioning system all can be adjusted and re-used. So flexible gauges naturally become the choice of many automobile manufacturers. Compared with the special inspection, flexible checker can be applied to a variety of processes, with its high flexibility more suitable for multi-species mixed production, and can reduce production costs and shorten the preparation cycle. In order to effectively save costs, the traditional gage can be gone flexible transformation, such as the configuration of many fixtures and auxiliary devices, to achieve the purpose of measuring multiple dimensions at the same time.

With the development of sensor technology and software processing technology, there are more choice for improvement of inspection equipment. At present, digital inspection gradually has appeared on domestic market, that is, to add a fixed electronic sensor bearings on gage, pre-designed seat coordinates and direction, then to collect the location data through electronic sensor. Another type of digital detection method is to measure directly the measured elements by digital dial indicator or plug. Digitized gauges can eliminate or reduce human error, providing basic data for R & R reporting, in less labor intensity, and more measurement efficiency.

Nowadays, some mainstream automobile manufacturers pay more and more attention to the intelligent development of gauges. Intelligent gage can be generated through simple interaction automatically into Illustrated inspection reports, in better way to improve the efficiency and accuracy of inspection report. After the automatic data storage and statistical analysis of each class of processed products, if the important size is close to the tolerance size of a certain percentage, it is necessary to carry out preventive warnings to the relevant production line, notify the workers to adjust. If you find a size beyond the tolerance zone, it is necessary to immediately inform the stop line inspection, the loss will be reduced to a minimum.


Laser measurement technology, as an important part of the development of seized technology, is being used by the industry, to enhance the quality of car in revolutionary significance. In the detection of automotive panels, the product is based on free surface, which is a Challenge for the accuracy and efficiency of test. Laser measurement can be used for such products’ data collection, after data processing, three-dimensional reconstruction and digital-analog comparison, to compare testing data of the measured product with the CAD model at zero error, and determine the parts size and shape in clear and intuitive way to meet the design requirements. The application of laser measurement technology can not only improve the measurement accuracy, but also can further improve the measurement flexibility and operability.

On-line inspection fixture, is a specific testing requirements to meet the specific requirements of the detection tool. The profile of the gage must be milled according to the CAD data of the part, which can reflect all the parameters of the part and qualitative detection of the part. On-line inspection is updated from the early measurement tool, to intelligent detection, there has been digital electronic instrument of the mechanical with reading function and gas (electric) dynamic inspection.

In the future, the seized not only can determine the qualification of parts, but also judge effectively the overall product quality, which requires the seized to combine the existing optoelectronic technology with mechanical processing technology, at the higher flexibility and intelligent level, at the same time to take into account the development costs of gage, improving effectively the competitiveness of enterprises.


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