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Resin Fixtures commonly used material - Epoxy Tooling Board

May 26, 2017

Epoxy Tooling Board has a good strength, plasticity and toughness. Because of the characteristics of easy cutting, easy carving and not easy to deformation, epoxy tooling board can be applied to CNC machining, and be made into a wide range of molds, models, checking fixture, etc.. The using of epoxy tooling board can shorten machining cycle time, reduce production costs and improve productivity.

Other name: Polyurethane Tooling Board, Modeling Board.

Types of the epoxy tooling board

LH430, LH560, LH5100, LH512, LH5120, LH470, LH5166, paste and other epoxy tooling board. The checking fixture usually use the 5166 epoxy tooling board.

The application of epoxy tooling board

Epoxy tooling board is widely used in high-speed rail, automotive, aviation, ceramics, home appliances, toys, shipbuilding industry molds, models, jigs, fixtures and other projects.

Classification of epoxy tooling board

A  By raw materials:

1. Unsaturated resin, suitable for the production of shoe mold, plastic mold, simple prototype model;

2. Epoxy resin, suitable for demanding mold, model, fixture and so on;

3. Polyurethane, more stable than the epoxy resin, good toughness, no deformation, high accuracy.

B  By density: (unit: g / cm3)

1. Low density, such as LH450, 0.73, LH460, 0.77, suitable for model, casting mold;

2. Medium density, such as LH5100, 1.0, LH5120, 1.3, suitable for mold and fixture with requirements of hardness and compressive strength;

3. High-density, such as LH470, LH5166,1.7, suitable for fixture with high requirements of anti-pressure, temperature, precision and stability.

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