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Quotes of Beijing Kingco Fixture Corresponding Quality

Dec 28, 2017

  Cost analysis of automotive seizure, need be evaluated comprehensivly the production costs of raw materials, accessories, and standard parts, as well the production time of  design, processing, and assembly. Customers should provide 3D digital model, GD & T drawings, technical agreements and other information in order to determine the size of gage, the number of detection locations, methods, display methods, accessories quantities, and surface effects. GD & T drawings can clearly reflect the product positioning benchmark, the theoretical sizes and tolerances of fixture products that need be tested, the size of positioning datum and other information. Technical agreement should be marked the material requirements, accuracy of production and assembly, testing requirements, surface painting process or other appearance requirements . Such as: CNC machining accuracy and assembly accuracy of simulation parts, processing and assembly accuracy of positioning and testing pin milling machine, wire cutting, grinding machine 

Beijing Kingco gage quotation template

  Beijing Kingco car seized design & production company, can undertake the design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning, measurement and other product development service for various types of auto parts and assembly seized. Specific gage project assessment or design and production, Beijing Kingco fixture processing plant can quickly provide customers with a comprehensive forecasting gage production costs, technical programs of professional design reviewing, real-time production progress feedback, precision coordinate inspection report, a detailed seizure operation Instructions and maintenance, safe shipping and shipping, and comprehensive after-sales service.