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Polyurethane Molds for Rubber Prototype Parts

Oct 26, 2017

        Polyurethane Resin is a high strength, tear resistant and abrasion resistant polymer material widely used in the fields of production, medicine, chemistry, aviation, construction, sports, daily life and so on. In the production and processing industry, it can be used for prefabricated polyurethane sheet, plastic products, rubber products, hard and soft foam products, coatings, etc..

Polyurethane rubber parts produced by Beijing Kingco.jpg

        Polyurethane rubber, as a manufacturing casting, brushing or spraying to the mold, is charactered with good elasticity, short cycle, and low cost. Beijing Kingco Silicone Mold processing factory is a supplier of rapid prototyping model in China. It provides customers with small batch of cost-effective polyurethane rubber parts, good toughness, high precision and controllable color texture. 

        To make rubber parts by Silicone mold, we need use the common prototype material engineering plastics ABS, in the same way, the transparent material acrylic or PC can also be used silicone processing technology small batch production, only but the material toughness or dimensional accuracy is worse than CNC precision machining plastic.