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Mass production of simple classifications

Jan 09, 2017

Large quantities

Mass production type often used Backflush (Backflush) to calculate the use of raw materials. So-called backflush method is based on the production of Assembly production, by expanding the Bill of material, will be used for the assemblies or subassemblies, components or raw materials in quantity from inventory write-downs. It is based on the calculated average, instead of the actual values. Mass production type requires a planned production batch, leave an appropriate space in order to repair certain equipment.

The right amount

Products of the mass production type: pen, apparatus for fixing items (like zippers), tires, paper products, the vast majority of consumer goods. Suitable for large ERP system for batch type needs to have the following key modules or features: mass production, method of management of raw materials, advanced inventory management, tracking management and electronic data interchange (EDI). In addition, companies that produce health and safety products, you have higher requirements, you may need to sources of raw materials, raw materials used, the purchaser of the product and other information a comprehensive tracking and management. Mass production industries are: Electronic Assembly, home appliances, electrical appliances, such as continuous production.