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Jigs introduce

Jan 09, 2017

Structural characteristics of Jig is in addition to the workpiece positioning, clamping devices, and set up according to the distribution of holes drilled and drilling template to determine the position of the tool, and to prevent tool tilt in machining process, so as to ensure the hole position accuracy. Commonly used jigs are fixed and Rotary, tilting and the cover plate 4. ① stationary drill: drill and workpiece on machine tool's position remains unchanged (Figure 1), to process a single hole or drill parallel holes in radial drilling machine. II Rotary drilling mode: with rotary indexing device (Figure 2), in the case of loose workpiece processing are located in the same perimeter of multiple parallel to the axial hole, vertical, and diagonal to the axis of a workpiece over the radial hole or holes on the surface. ③ flipping Jigs: the bearing surface on the fixture in several directions, processed by hand in the direction you want to flip it to the drilling, suitable for small workpieces. Black cover plate type drilling mould: only the drill template without specific. Directly installed on the drilling template when using the positioning of the workpiece surface, suitable for large workpieces on drilling small holes. In addition, there are mobile, such as sliding jigs.