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Importance of 3D drawings for model processing

Dec 09, 2017

      3D drawings, also called a three-dimensional draft, can help people to see the hidden image through the coincidence and separation of the visual imaging system of the eye. In other words, by three-dimensional paintings, we can directly see the upper and lower, left and right, front and rear three-dimensional relationship. Especially when evaluating or programming 3D drawings, the prototype model companies can be more clear to understand the size of model that customers require, including the appearance effect or internal structure of product.    

        In the process of CNC machining or 3d printing, it is very necessary to follow up the data on the 3d drawings. To set the corresponding procedures above the CNC processing equipment in the palm, and then make a series of surface treatment, the prototype model will be completed.

       The supplier of prototype manufacturing, Beijing Kingco, as a member of the Association of Intellectual Property, has developed a strict standard of security system to protect the drawings of customers and drawing information. For some designers providing drawings need to improve or modify, Beijing Kingco technicians can make the skilled and efficient completion, to provide customers with some professional reference and feasible suggestions.