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How to Find Carbon Fiber Model Factory in Beijing

Nov 22, 2017

  In the development of commercial automation, traditional materials for production has been unable to fully meet the higher environmental or economic needs, the new darling - carbon fiber, with its excellent characteristics and higher application value to properly make up for these shortcomings. Among many Beijing model processing factories, Beijing Kingco model plant can undertake the processing of new material carbon fiber model. For 15 years, the company Kingco specialized in prototype model business, focusing on the innovation of production process, material and equipment, providing customers with excellent quality, high precision, fast delivery of high-end model products.

Effect of Carbon fiber cloth

  Carbon fiber is a kind of high strength and corrosion resistant polymer fiber material, which can be synthesized into composite materials with different properties from resin, metal, ceramics and other substrates. It has the characteristics of light weight, rigidity and smooth surface, especially high toughness and thermal conductivity, has now been widely used in transportation, aerospace, robotics, construction, chemical, medical, sports and so on.

Carbon fiber car trim

Auto parts carbon fiber board samples

  In the actual processing of production, carbon fiber in different forms of materials, plays its predominant role in helping enterprises effectively reduce processing time and improve profit margins. Carbon fiber patch panel model is in the production of more applications, such as laptops, rear shell of smart phones, automotive interior and exterior parts, etc; carbon fiber board applications are also reflected in many fields, the carbon fiber UAV wings, can be directly satisfied customers demand with product of light weight, low pressure, rugged use of features; carbon fiber tube has also been successfully applied to the production of car seized, in addition to its high precision and stability, ease of assembly and transportation in the factory, the metal materials superior. Carbon fiber hand model processing and automotive seizure making, according to the different needs of customers in the Beijing Kingco can realize your personalized customization services.