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Factors Affecting Machining Accuracy

Jun 20, 2017

        Processing accuracy refers to the degree of compliance between actual geometric parameters of parts after processing and the ideal geometric parameters. The higher accuracy of parts, the more largely display the level of processing technology. In the actual machining process, due to the complexity of the process operation, and the related influence like artificial, environmental, mechanical equipment and other factors, the correct position between the tool and the workpiece may be offset, so there is a gap between the different parameters of finished parts and ideal.

  The detection of machining accuracy, includes the aspects of size, geometry and relative position, etc. To create a standard mechanical parts, involves ensuring that the relevant indicators of the parameters of precision are in the practical application of the allowable error range. (1) Dimensional accuracy, the processing parameters of parts usually have a certain error with the design of the standard parts; the dimensional tolerances between the machined surface and the reference plane. (2) Shape accuracy, is defined by the geometric error of the parts surface,  including roundness, cylindrical degree, flatness, straightness and other geometric macro shape. (3) Relative position accuracy, can control the mutual error between processing surface and its reference position, such as: parallelism, verticality, coaxial degree, position and so on. (4) The influence of geometrical error and wear on machining precision is mainly reflected in the influence of spindle rotation error, guide rail error, transmission chain error, tool fixture, workpiece thermal deformation error and stress deformation.

  During the machining process, the error is difficult to avoid, and the reason of error should be analyzed in detail with the concrete situation, and the corresponding countermeasures should be taken to reduce different processing error, reduce the original error, precision error compensation, transfer error, secondary processing control. The measures to improve the machining precision can be adjusted from the aspects of the error of the different processing steps, to help the processing production enterprises to be better served the customers, efficient product processing level.


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