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Design requirements of Automotive Parts Checking Fixture

May 13, 2017

The Design Concept must show the “Gage Intent.” It should reflect the GD&T scheme, customer requirements, and any special requirements reviewed during the quotation stage. The design concept shall consist of a minimum of a sketch and a written description of the gauge with sufficient detail in order that the gauge design concept could be better communicated. The design concept should not be as detailed as a complete design, but it should include the following information:


1.  The part position in relationship to the gauge base. Body position (The positioning of the part in the gage in the identical orientation the part will have in the final vehicle assembly.) is preferred; however, other orientations may be appropriate to maximize part/gage usage (e.g. first-use position). 90 degree Increments should be used when deviating from body position. Please note that any deviation from orientating the part in body position must be approved by KINGCO Project Representative and or Quality Engineer.


2.  Location of datums should be shown.  A datum scheme consistent with the specified Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance may require multiple attaching schemes.


3.  Approximate base size and detailed devices for supporting the part.


4.  Location and orientation of clamps, and proposed clamping techniques (e.g., standard clamping and / or using fasteners)


5.  Details and devices for inspection of features such as: 

?  KPCs (Key Product Characteristic), PQCs (Product Quality Characteristic),

?  Feature lines

?  Functional holes

?  Historic areas of high process variability


6.  Mating or adjacent part representations or features, where applicable.


7.  The X, Y, Z location(s) on product features where SPC data will be collected to monitor KPCs and PQCs shall be reviewed and approved by the Kingco representative.


8.  The Gauge Supplier must receive a written note from Kingco Quality or Project Engineer indicating whether concept approval by Customer is required or not. If Concept Approval is required by customer or Kingco representative, the part supplier shall obtain Concept Approval prior to initiating the gauge design process.  Any change which may occur during the gauge procurement process that has significant impact on the original concept should be reviewed with the customer or Kingco representative.