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Composed of simple sheet metal forming

Jan 09, 2017

① parts with aerodynamic shape: including the aircraft fuselage, wings, tail and skinning of the inlet and missile body, skin of the rudder, the rocket engine combustion chamber and nozzle.

② the skeleton part: includes vertical, horizontal and diagonal components, such as beam and Purlin, bulkhead, wing rib, and so on.

Third parts of the contents: includes fuel, control and communications systems and facilities in the various sheet metal parts, such as tank, such as catheters, stents, seat.

Basic requirements for aircraft sheet metal parts are parts with aerodynamic profiles accurate surfaces, smooth, streamlined shape skeleton parts with minimal weight to keep the highest efficiency; all sheet metal parts in the set use and storage within the time limit required strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and heat-resistance and other physical and chemical properties. Aircraft sheet metal parts is not only complex, but also use a variety of high strength and heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials. In a variety of materials, the largest amount of is hard, very hard, and rust-proof aluminum. Chromium-nickel-titanium great stainless steel in rocket engines. Titanium alloys as well as high strength, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, materials used in aircraft sheet metal parts is increasing the proportion of, mainly used for making skin, bulkhead and parts such as cylinders.