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CNC prototype made a brief introduction

Jan 09, 2017

RPM technology differs from traditional access to parts of the material removal method or material deformation, but under computer control, based on the principle of discrete accumulation/packing materials by different methods of finished parts and manufacturing technology. From the perspective of forming, parts can be regarded as formed by the superposition of point, line or polygon, is discrete from the CAD models get points, the geometric information and process parameter information, controlling material regularly and precisely from the point to the plane, by the accumulation of surface to volume parts. From a manufacturing point of view, it generates parts based on CAD model geometry information into corresponding instructions transmitted to the CNC, laser beams or other methods of layer-by-layer stacked to form the prototype of the material or parts, without going through the mould design and making, greatly improving production efficiency, significantly reducing production costs, in particular, greatly shortening the production cycle, was hailed as a revolution in manufacturing industry