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Classification of Mockup Models

Jun 13, 2017

Mockup model refers to the functional model, which is made according to the product design or structure diagram to check the appearance or structure.


According to Mockup production methods, Mockup model classification is as follows:

1. Hand Mockups

The early mockup, now rarely use this way. Because it is mainly produced by hand, size and appearance is difficult to meet the requirements, so the current use of less.

2. CNC Mockups

CNC Mockups mainly completed by CNC machine tools, and can be divided into laser rapid prototyping (RP) Mockup and CNC machining center (CNC) Mockup.

RP Mockup Features: fast, mainly through the accumulation molding, relatively rough, and the products with thin wall cannot be produced using this method.

CNC Mockups features: accurate, high quality appearance. After spraying and silk screen in the surface the mockup model is almost the same with the real product, and the quality even better than the mold injection molding product. CNC Mockups can be directly molding in the plastic and meet product requirements, so CNC Mockup manufacturing industry become the mainstream.


According to Mockup production materials, Mockup model classification is as follows:

1. Plastic Mockups: raw materials are mainly ABS or other more flexible plastic materials; mainly used for new popular products, such as functional telephones, game consoles, display shell and so on.

2. Metal Mockups: raw materials are mainly aluminum-magnesium alloy or other; mainly used for some high-end products Mockup, such as notebook computers, projectors, disinfection cabinet and other household electrical appliances.

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