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Beijing Professional Gauge Design Manufacturer

Dec 22, 2017

  Gauge design is an important premise and theoretical basis for automotive fixture processing, related to the rationality of cost control and gage usage of the entire project. Beijing Kingco car seized design plant, with engineers engaged in seizure design more than eight years and senior technical consultant, has successfully designed large and medium-sized car single product and assembly fixture.


  According to the three-digit model and GD & T drawings provided by the customer, the fixture processing plant design the gauge sample book, basic programs and specific testing methods. GD & T drawings are drawings that describe the geometrical dimensions and product tolerances, which mainly refer to the concepts of datum, dimension, element, tolerance and form tolerance. They can clearly reflect the positioning datum of a specific product, the theoretical size and tolerance of the test item, positioning datum size and other information, as one of the main gauge design. After the 3D design is completed, it needs to confirm with the customer and sign the design confirmation. If there is any design change, the fixture company will need to check in time and make changes to the customer's final confirmation.


  The main components of gage design, are related to product positioning and testing agencies, analog blocks, standard parts, floor and other annex handling. The design of gauge datum should include the machining datum, measurement datum and positioning datum. It is necessary to ensure the exact gauge machining and testing, and the subsequent gage modification and periodic verification so as to satisfy the gage repetitiveness and reproducibility to the greatest extent. In addition, gage design of the program, while considering the overall production costs, to ensure the use of gages or transport of the operation of convenience, wear resistance, stability. After gage design and production is completed, it is contributed for the precise control of product quality, that mainly reflected in the product fit, sealing surface, with the area, alignment, hole / slot and other parts of the actual measurement.