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Beijing Kingco Gage Machining More Comprehensively

Jan 11, 2018

  Different from traditional machining, CNC machining can be up to control the machining path of parts and tools through digital information. It is suitable for high-efficiency automated production processes such as parts with complex shapes and high precision or small batch production.

Beijing Kingco gantry milling machine processing center

  Beijing Kingco automobile inspection factory can design and manufacture all kinds of automotive parts seized or assembly fixture, with more than 30 CNC machining centers, CMM, auxiliary processing equipment and more than 20 sets of mold injection molding machine. Usually, the fixture body and base are made by CNC machining center. It is mainly used for the processing of profile and engraved line. The measuring element and clamping device can be directly processed on the traditional machine tools such as lathe , Grinder, milling machine, drilling machine, wire cutting, electric pulse, aluminum welder and so on. In the process of CNC machining, to determine the spindle speed, feed rate, depth of cut, is very important so that the three fit with each other to form the best cutting dosage, then to reasonably control the production costs and processing quality.

Beijing Kingco seized conventional processing machine tools

  Operators, not only should master the various operating skills, in accordance with the safe operation norms and process use, but also learn the civilized management and maintenance for processing machines. The positioning and installation of machine tool should be based on a reasonable choice of positioning and clamping programs, with the minimum number of times within the folder, to complete all features that need be processed; to achieve the unified basis of design, technology and programming calculations, to realize the efficient use of CNC machine tools.