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Beijing Kingco CMM - Symbol of High Precision Automation

Jan 19, 2018

  CMM, as a measuring tool, can measure the three-dimensional coordinates on parts surface by evaluating the relative movement between measuring head system and parts, with using the digitization technology of physical transformation into CAD model. Coordinate measurement has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, good flexibility and strong data processing ability. It is widely used in machinery, automobile, aviation, electronics, hardware and other industries. It mainly carries out the precision of parts' appearance, size, tolerance and assembly process detection control.

Beijing Kingco CMM workshop

  Coordinate measuring mechanism, mainly consists of four parts: the host mechanical system, the probe system, electrical control hardware system and data processing software system. Measuring components include: test pin, cross-section model, measuring table, sliding test sets, EDC devices and auxiliary measurement components. According to the structure, it can be divided into gantry-type three-coordinate, bridge three-coordinate, horizontal cantilever coordinate and portable three-coordinate. To make the measurement of fixture assembled, can quickly and efficiently measure the exact size of objects, shape and location data, and issued a detailed test report.

Kingco coordinate measuring physical conditions

  Beijing Kingco gage measurement and production company, equipped the independent measurement workshop, including advanced Hexagon automatic gantry CMM, automatic mobile CMM and the moderate coordinate measuring machine. The skilled three-coordinate surveyors at Kingco, as well as the measurement of constant temperature and humidity indoors, are good to ensure the gage product measurement results.

  To use CMM correctly and reasonably, need mind the following aspects:

  1. Put the workpiece need be measured smoothly into, not to impact any component of CMM;

  2. Before lifting the workpiece, it is necessary to return the measuring probe to the coordinate origin to reserve a large space for lifting position;

  3. According to the drawing requirements to establish the correct coordinate system to ensure the accuracy of measured data.

  4. Before installing parts, to confirm isothermal requirements of parts and measuring machine.

  5. After the measurement program is set up, if you find the probe and the workpiece interference, inflection point should be increased.

  6. For large heavy gauge, after the end of the measurement should be hanging off the table, to avoid the work table for a long time in the bearing state.