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Beijing Fixture Custom with Materials Preferred

Mar 02, 2018

  Auto fixture, as the processing of special inspection equipment, is customized according to customer requirements, with the seizure of suppliers to make the appropriate design and approval of the project for customer before manufacturing. The production of automotive inspection surface must be based on CAD data, and can reflect all the parameters of parts, which can be qualitative or quantitative detection. Gage profile, positioning components, the choice of processing materials floor, are all to be determined according to the different components of the functional characteristics.

  1. Gage body materials generally use generation of epoxy resin or alloy aluminum, surface processing thickness of at least 50mm.

  2. Positioning pin, detection pin: GCr15 or equivalent material, surface hardness HRC45 ~ 50, the surface should be smooth, no scratches; Scratching pin: GCr15 or equivalent material, crossed the end of the heat treatment after the hardness requirements HRC58 ~60.

  3. Positioning surface (zero veneer) Material 45 # or equivalent material, surface hardness HRC45 ~ 50.

  4. Visual hole scribing material using acrylic resin material.

  5. Cross-section model, activities and other activities of the sample block detection unit: the detection part of the thickness of 8 ~ 12mm aluminum 7050, the active part of the detection module can be used according to the needs and consistent with the test fixture body, the other part of the steel (Q235A, A3 Wait).

  6. The main benchmark (processing basis) material selection: Large, medium-sized seizure of the benchmark material using steel or steel plus resin; small gage, the direct use of cast aluminum or aluminum.

  7. Sub-benchmark (measurement standards) Material used in conjunction with the seizure of the same body or higher than the performance of the resin material, the use of cast aluminum base can not process the second benchmark or directly in the base of the second base processing reference.

  8. Pin sets of materials using GCr15 or equivalent material, the surface hardness must reach HRC50 ~ 60, the surface should be smooth, no scratches and other damage.

  9. Material of conventional parts: positioning block (45 # steel), positioning plate (2316), positioning pin / positioning sleeve (SKD11,2316), analog block (LY12,7075AL, RenShape470 resin, BM5166 resin, LAB1001 resin, RenShape460 resin );

  10. Floor: LY12 / ZL104, after processing the need for heat treatment: aging (cast aluminum ZL104)

  11. Clamp holder: LY12 / A3 steel (straight seat clamp bracket is usually made of A3 steel welding).


Beijing Kingco seized materials workshop

  Beijing Kingco Automobile Inspection Factory, can provide various types of automotive components and assembly seized involving design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning, measurement and other product development services. It is reflected in the specific projects, including quote estimating, the design formulating and review, precision coordinate detection, the matching manual assembly and after-sales service.