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Attentions for Using Welding Gauges

Jun 08, 2017

In order to avoid errors or tool damage during the use of welding gauges, there are some requirements that need to be taken to the attention of the user. Beijing Kingco Technology Devpt. Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in providing all kinds of precision auto gauge, dedicated to the R & D design and manufacturing of single fixture, assembly fixture, opening fixture, Measuring bracket and vehicle Gauge. The following are the precautions for using welding gauges:

1. Before use, check whether it is in the test validity period. The measuring surface of the gauge and the measured points of the parts should be wiped clean, so as to avoid the presence of stolen goods and affect the measurement accuracy.

2. In the use of welding gauges, do not stacked with tools, knives and others, so as not to bruise the welding gauges. Do not put welding gauges on the equipment, so that equipment vibration leaving the test tool drop.

3. Gauge is a measurement tool, absolutely not as a substitute for other tools.

4. Finding gauge with abnormal phenomenon, such as the surface uneven, burr, bending deformation, etc., do not self repair, but not allowed to use hammer, rasp, gauze and so on.

5. As the parts may exist shape error, so a workpiece inspection, must be tested in different positions of the workpiece several times to determine whether the workpiece qualified.

6. Protect the measurement certificate label on the gauge.

        The user's careful care and professional use make your gauge in the use of more handy. 

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