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Accuracy Classification of Automobile Inspection

Jul 13, 2017

       Car inspection is in attribution of precision machinery and metrology disciplines. Automotive inspection precision is usually reflected in the seizure design, manufacturing, acceptance and calibration and other aspects of the accuracy requirements. The correctness of gage structure design and assurance of the measurement accuracy are largely determined by the correct choice of datum plane and the reference pin. The precision of inspection tool is closely related to its manufacturing cost, and interacts with design and acceptance precision to form the final inspection precision.

  1. Inspection tool manufacturing accuracy. The manufacture of gage must be strictly in accordance with the inspection design drawings, first to process the base of seizure, determine the materials, size and processing accuracy, then to eliminate the internal stress of metal materials after annealing treatment. In the process of manufacturing,  it is necessary to consider the operation of the test components, functional requirements, the cooperation between the pin and the liner to verify the stability of the template, the detection area of the reserved gap. General manufacturing accuracy of gauges and measuring brackets (in mm):

Bottom parallelism: 0.1 / 1000

  Basis parallelism, verticality: 0.05 / 1000

  Reference hole position: ± 0.05

  Relative position error between reference holes: 0.03

  Position pin position ± 0.05

  Surface, bearing surface: ± 0.10

  Curve measuring surface: ± 0.15

  Part Outer contour measurement surface (flush) or line: ± 0.1

  Part shape function Measuring surface (5mm gap surface): ± 0.1

  All molded surfaces (non-measuring surfaces): ± 0.2

  Check pin hole position: ± 0.05

  Scribe hole position: ± 0.15

  Scribe hole diameter: ± 0.2

  Visual hole position: ± 0.2

  Visual hole diameter: ± 0.2

  Grid line position relative to the baseline error: 0.1 / 1000

  Shape gauge or caliper: ± 0.152.  

Beijing Kingco Gantry-Machine

Swiss Mikron High-speed Machine

  2. Inspection acceptance accuracy, is affected on the acceptance method, the equipment of acceptance and the size and materials of accepted inspection tool:

  (1) Before acceptance, the three coordinate instrument need be pulled out the positioning pin then to test after assembled, which is the important means to evaluate the inspection stability and reproducibility. (2) Elastic deformation. Some large seized casted aluminum or iron in its own weight, will bend, and produce elastic deformation. Improved gage design and support can reduce deformation. (3) The accuracy of three coordinate equipment and measurement methods. The process of measurement should abide by the Abbe principle (collinear principle), the principle of minimum deformation, the principle of the shortest measurement chain, the principle of closure, the principle of reunification. The accuracy of measurement device, and the choice of measurement point position will directly affect the reliability of measurement results.

Italy Gantry three Coordinate Measuring Machine

Hexagon full automatic coordinate test

        The seized company Beijing Kingco has a full set of inspection equipment design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, measuring the comprehensive strength. With excellent professional design team, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system, Kingco has been working with the well-known automobile OEMs to provide all kinds of auto parts and assembly gage, including: welding assembly, front and rear wind , Front and rear lamp assembly, floor assembly, four door cover, dashboard assembly, door trim assembly, bright trim, glove box assembly, coat rack assembly, skylight assembly, front and rear bumper Into, opening seized, pipeline seized, measuring stent, fixture and so on. The production standard of workpiece can meet the technical requirements of the size, geometry and mutual position accuracy of the drawings.