Metal Fixture For Refueling Port Door Hinge Mounting Plate

Metal Fixture For Refueling Port Door Hinge Mounting Plate
Product Details
MaterialMetal Fixtures
FunctionSingle Fixtures
StyleStamping Parts Fixtures
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsAL
Surface TreatmentSand blasting;Oxidation
Production Time25 Days

Detail Description

        As the picture showed, the three metal single seizures for auto refueling port door hinge mounting plate, Beijing Kingco stamping gage processing plant providing for BAIC the full service from design, processing, testing to after-sales support services. 

testing report fordoor hinge mounting plate

      Each gauge is designed and manufactured a corresponding flip mechanism to facilitate customer's operation testing products. From the floor fixture to body fixture, all are metal materials processing. Auxiliary accessories, including through-regulation, surface roughness gauge, test pin, protection cover for benchmark hole.

Gauges for door hinge mounting plate made by Kingco

        Coordinate line and the positioning surface scale value are precisely marked after accurate detection of three coordinates,with the attached detailed inspection report. Vertical fast manual pressure clamp can help customers accurately locate the workpiece positioning, as well exquisite nameplate can clearly mark the seizure and product information.

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